7 July - 11 July
1000 - 1280 miles

Poachers Welcome

That's one thing that seemed to be missing from the bottom of this sign. I guess things are done a little different in the West. On the East Coast places like Midnight Auto Repair and Midnight Hi-Fi do not advertise very much. This is in Swan Valley, ID as we are headed into the mountains of Wyoming.

The Beauty of Wyoming

The day we bicycled from Palisades, ID to Hoback Juction, WY was the prettiest day of the trip for me. Perhaps it was because it was the first time that I was bicycling in some "real" mountains. This photo is of Art and Maureen riding along Route 26/89 from Alpine, WY. Mountains in the Bridger National Forest surround them.

The Snake River

This was the last day that we would be following the Snake River. Having the river rushing below us added to the pleasantry of the scenery. With the river so close to us we could hear the sounds of the water. Sounds are one of the things that you gain when bike touring. All the sounds of the world are masked when you travel by motorized transport. The several rafts of tourists floating by on the river did not detract from the view. This was, however, a narrow road with a fair amount of tourist traffic. The school buses carting rafters back and forth were particularly inconsiderate of us bicyclists.

The Wind Rivers Range

This is early in the morning headed toward Bondurant, WY where we will stop to have breakfast. The Wind Rivers Range is in the background. We had camped at the Hoback Junction Forest Service Campground right along the banks of the Hoback River. That is about 15 miles south of the Jackson Hole area. The morning was biting cold with the colder air settling down into the river valley we were in. For at least the first 45 minutes I could not feel fingers and toes completely. We were now in the mountains where we would have cool to cold mornings and comfortable days. Bill had started off earlier and when we caught up with him he was holed up in a little general store getting coffee to warm himself up. Ah, but a good breakfast was not far ahead.

The Wyoming Range

Here is Maureen just coming to the end of a several mile climb on 189/191 south of Bondurant, WY. The snow capped peaks of the Salt River Range are in the background.

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